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Foliage Screens For Shopping Malls

Use our versatile solutions to adapt your shopping malls space to suit the everchanging needs of your business and provide your customers with new environments.

Our clients are driven by their passion to create uplifting environments that bring the great outdoor indoors, without putting any unnecessary maintenance on their plate. The applications of the product are limited only by your imagination.

The Foliascreen is at home anywhere that you might like to utilise it.

There are many benefits to using the Foliascreen in your retail environment; each of those addressing a separate issue:

  • Foliascreen Artificial Green Wall Partitioning Wall offers a solution that can help break up the concourse; adding a new dimension to what could be an empty area.
  • Foliascreen, whilst combating the design on the concourse, can also be used to help direct the pedestrian flow, so that the accessibility of stores is made easier and that the experience for the consumer is seamless. This will help improve customer satisfaction, encouraging them to return.
  • Privacy is another solution that the Foliascreen offers; which can offer customers a haven of space, especially in a busy, open, urban environment.
  • The Foliascreen; is complimented with a Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panel, which is the market leading artificial living wall on the market. With their hard work and design, it is the most life like panel. The presence of foliage helps to calm customers, which can be very beneficial in a highly stressful environment caused by high footfall.
  • The Vistafolia Panels are UV Rated and Fire Retardant, which means that the panels to not aid in the spread of fire, making it a very safe product to have in a large space.
  • The Foliascreen comes in 2 sizes, standard size which is ideal for those who are seated and a full size which offers maximum coverage. However, The Foliascreen has passed the tip test meaning that it is safe if passers-by accidentally knock into it.
  • Easily configurable. The Foliascreen can be made into whatever configuration that accommodates your customer. It can be used to help shape a seating area for a food hall, to direct customers away from a retail store in construction or even be used to make a more seating area for those just wanted a sit down in the concourse.


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