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Going to the airport and catching a flight can be a very exciting prospect; but for many it is a stressful occasion. A large open environment; with large groups of people moving in all different directions, tannoy systems and more, it can sometimes be a very daunting place to be for some.

Foliascreen offers many solutions to make the airport passenger terminal and exciting and calming place for many. This ground-breaking green partition wall has a vast range of uses making its versality unmatched. The Foliascreen has Vistafolia artificial green wall panels attached to the geometric designed foam which compliments the contemporary design of many international and domestic airports. The presence of foliage in an urban and built up environment can be proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety. This can be a huge boost for passengers.

The Foliascreen can be utilised as a privacy screen which can be a rare commodity in a busy environment like the airport. This privacy screen comes in different heights, which are suitable for those standing and seated. This allows people to be afforded privacy within the main terminal or within airport lounges where people prefer their own space when taken sometime for themselves.

It is a cost-effective way of creating spaces within space. As previously mentioned, airport lounges are predominantly open plan, but with the aesthetic of the artificial green wall panels on the partitioning wall that is the Foliascreen, you can break up the spaces to create areas specifically for individuals, families or even corporate staff.

Large open plan airports can sometimes be very hard to navigate, but Foliascreen helps to direct people in the right direction or even to prevent them going in the wrong direction. Use the Foliascreen to either close off unused gates, to funnel people into the correct boarding gates but also to help keep the flow of foot traffic moving and to keep them safe.

On the note of safety, Foliascreen when used as a partitioning screen can be a cost effective solution to help manage crowds to keep passengers safe, whilst also looking breathtakingly stunning.

You don’t need any extra hassle when you’re flying. The Foliascreen creates a peaceful environment for the weary traveller. A room close to nature is guaranteed to put you at ease and calm your mind.

Foliascreen can be used in many different environments, including Educational establishmentsofficeshospitalityshopping malls and more.



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