your Screen Your Way

The Foliascreen is a versatile product, but here are some things you can do with it to make it even more suited to whatever you’re doing.

Add Color & Texture

Simply slot the plants in to add bursts of vibrant colors and extra depth to your Foliascreen® Panels, giving you the look and finish you desire.

Additional plants give the green wall partition a random element that is even more akin to a natural wall. These optional extras can be used on their own or in a combination. Use our stunning colored flowers to draw the eye. Change the colors from season to season, or simply as your mood suits.

Hassle-free customisation that allows you to unleash your inner creativity.

Color Plant Boxes

Delicate White Color Box

A beautiful mix of summer blossoms dotted with delicate white flowers.

Forest Flame Color Box

Invigorating reds blend with the green to create a stunning view.

Soft Lavender Color Box

Cascading greens blended with stunning blue lavender and blossoms.

Spring Pink Color Box

A timeless combination of elegant pink flowers and earthy green plants.


Large Grasses Texture Box

A selection of large 18″ grasses, in colorful shades of green and burgundy.

Lush Green Texture Box

A tumble of wild grasses and earthy ferns merged with green-fused and delicate flowers.

Trailing Buxus Texture Box

Trailing buxus for a trailing finish that looks at home on the panel, or adding an extra dimension to an indoor or outdoor display.

Trailing Ivy Texture Box

Trailing ivy for a trailing finish that can be used to add volume, or even as a standalone plant for baskets and planters.

Foam Backing Colors

The Foliascreen comes in a light grey color, which will suit almost any environment. However, if you’ve got a different color in mind for your project, why not get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your options.

NOTE: MOQ’s and lead times will apply

Castors Or Base Plate

The system is effortless to construct and is designed to last. The base plate holds the unit securely in place, and is also available with castors for easy reconfiguration.


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