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Foliage Screens For Education Facilities

A large problem facing the education sector is lack of space within the establishment due to the amount of pupils and staff. The rooms within schools can be quite lacklustre and open plan which means that it cannot be dedicated to multiple different activities.

However with Foliascreen, the ground-breaking new green wall partition from Vistafolia; it is now possible to have a cost effective solution to these concerns and increase the range of activities you can now undertake within a certain space. The Foliascreens flexibility and versatility means that you can create different spaces within existing spaces seamlessly, meaning that when you are done with one activity, you can move to another and take the Foliascreens with you; creating a new environment for your next activity. This means that you can now have more than one activity in an existing space, with the privacy that you deserve.

The addition of the Vistafolia artificial green wall to the Foliascreen not only makes the green partition wall look great, but the artificial living wall panels also have proven psychological benefits. Numerous studies have show that in all educational levels, exposure to the natural environment has positive impacts on children and adults, increasing attention behaviours and improving productivity. The artificial faux wall panels also offer a colour immersive contrast to the neutral colours of a classroom that helps to break up monotony. An addition would be the education of students on the benefits of foliage and with real replica plants placed on the artificial green wall panels, students can have that natural world brought to them.

The Foliascreen can be used in many different environments with an educational establishment including and limited to:

  • Classrooms – To help facilitate group or individual activities to prevent children from becoming distracted.
  • Large halls – Can be used as a partition wall or privacy screen for exams, assemblies, school productions.
  • Canteens – Foliascreen can be used to help direct people in the right direction, blocking off certain areas of the canteen that aren’t used.
  • Libraries – With the Foliascreens acoustic properties and full coverage, it is the perfect partitioning wall to study independently or a as a group, but whilst being provided with a configurable study area and with privacy.


The Foliascreens versality; alongside its aesthetic look makes it a great addition to any school, library, university or college.

You can’t learn when your brain isn’t focused. Use the Foliascreen to improve acoustics and create a nurturing environment for minds for thrive.



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