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Our Foliascreen is the first office green wall partition that looks like a living wall. It’s designed to make the workplace more collaborative and connected. It’s also modular, so you can adjust it to fit any space within your office. The Foliascreen can be used as an alternative to cubicles, glass walls, and other traditional office partitions. It is also an excellent way to bring nature into the workplace without the need for a window or garden space. With this innovative product, you can create a greener and more productive work environment.

The Foliascreen helps to address many different problems within a existing work environment and caters for both small and large businesses. These include:


The Foliascreen is very simple to assemble and even easier to manoeuvre when put together. It allows you to create the space you want, and configuration is endless.

Enhance productivity

The artificial green wall panels that are situated on the Foliascreen offer the  presence foliage in the workplace; which has seen productivity increase by up to 20% amongst employees.

Cost Effectiveness

Foliascreen acts as a cost effective solution to office partition walls, as it eliminates the need for construction. Simply put together your office partition wall, and you are good to go. The Foliascreen also combats versatility as they can be moved, making it a far more flexible solution than having a fixed wall.


The Foliascreen boasts having the Vistafolia artificial living wall panels on one side of the of the privacy screen and also a carefully designed, geometric designed foam backing which offers a contemporary style to the product.


With the Foliascreen available in two different sizes, standard and full; the Foliascreen can provide full coverage privacy for meetings and employee desks that offer a level of acoustic absorption within the foam.

Having plants present in your office has been linked in studies to a wealth of attributes, from the potential to increase memory retention by up to 20%, to reducing the likelihood of stress related depression. The amazing benefits of plants should not be underestimated, and more and more businesses are starting to reap these rewards by greening their surroundings. Research has shown that having a work environment that is visually appealing can increase productivity and staff morale, and nothing could add a more sophisticated style in your office than the Foliascreen.

Make the switch – to better collaboration and mental health.



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