FOLIASCREEN® Applications

Functional & Uplifting foliage screens for office

Having plants present in your office has been linked in studies to a wealth of attributes, from the potential to increase memory retention by up to 20%, to reducing the likelihood of stress related depression. The amazing benefits of plants should not be underestimated, and more and more businesses are starting to reap these rewards by greening their surroundings. Research has shown that having a work environment that is visually appealing can increase productivity and staff morale, and nothing could add a more sophisticated style in your office than the Foliascreen.


The Foliascreen is very simple to assemble and even easier to manoeuvre when put together. It allows you to create the space you want, and configuration is endless.


Enhance productivity

The artificial green wall panels that are situated on the Foliascreen offer the presence of foliage in the workplace; which has seen productivity increase by up to 20% amongst employees.


Cost Effectiveness

Foliascreen acts as a cost effective solution to office partition walls, as it eliminates the need for construction. Simply put together your office partition wall, and you are good to go.



The Foliascreen boasts having the Vistafolia artificial living wall panels on one side of the privacy screen and also a carefully designed, geometric designed foam backing which offers a contemporary style to the product.



With the Foliascreen available in two different sizes, standard and full; the Foliascreen can provide full coverage privacy for meetings and employee desks that offer a level of acoustic absorption within the foam.

Make the switch – to better collaboration and mental health.

Natural Noise Reduction foliage screens for hospitality

Divide your public areas effectively, while retaining that element of style. Use our green wall privacy screen to create multiple booths for your customers to enjoy their food in privacy and comfort. The Foliascreen is versatile enough that it can be easily positioned to segregate spaces and create rooms within rooms, all while looking stunning and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Green Walls in Restaurants:

Creates a unique dining experience. Understanding that sometimes the weather outside can be unforgiving and unpleasant for those wanting to sit outside. Therefore, bringing the luscious green of the outside indoors, can act as a great alternative for 12 months a year. It also allows for diners to sit and enjoy their meals with a little privacy. Thus, a green partition wall will be a very versatile and effective investment for your business.


Partition Screens in Bars:

Similar to the restaurants, Foliascreens can be used to help divide a room to cater for special events such as birthdays and work parties, but to also help shield regular customers so that they both can share a space equally. Green wall partitions can also act as screens to distract away from some (Unsightful views) i.e. the restrooms.


Artificial Living Walls in Hotels:

Offer your guests that wow factor when they enter the lobby and let them leave with a lasting impression. The Foliascreen is versatile so that they can be configured into a partitioning wall that can help checking in be a bit more personal. They also act as a room divider that can help direct your guests to points of interests or for safety to prevent them from entering a certain area.Artificial Living Walls in Hotels: Offer your guests that wow factor when they enter the lobby and let them leave with a lasting impression. The Foliascreen is versatile so that they can be configured into a partitioning wall that can help checking in be a bit more personal. They also act as a room divider that can help direct your guests to points of interests or for safety to prevent them from entering a certain area.


Green Wall at Events:

Looking to capture and impress your audience as soon as they enter the event space? Foliascreen is the perfect solution as a backdrop for event registration, with its addition of Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels; that gives it an immersive colour and The Foliascreen being available in different sizes, helps you customize your event space the way you want.

Improve the learning environment foliage screens for educationsal facilities

education facilities
A large problem facing the education sector is lack of space within the establishment due to the amount of pupils and staff. The rooms within schools can be quite lackluster and open plan which means that it cannot be dedicated to multiple different activities.

Spaces within Spaces:

The Foliascreens flexibility and versatility means that you can create different spaces within existing spaces seamlessly, meaning that when you are done with one activity, you can move to another and take the Foliascreens with you, creating a new environment for your next activity. This means that you can now have more than one activity in an existing space, with the privacy that you deserve.


Psychological Benefits:

The addition of the Vistafolia artificial green wall to the Foliascreen not only makes the green partition wall look great, but the artificial living wall panels also have proven psychological benefits. Numerous studies have show that in all educational levels, exposure to the natural environment has positive impacts on children and adults, increasing attention behaviours and improving productivity.


Create Different Environments:

The Foliascreen can be used in many different environments with an educational establishment including and not limited to. You can’t learn when your brain isn’t focused. Use the Foliascreen to improve acoustics and create a nurturing environment for minds for thrive

Classrooms – To help facilitate group or individual activities to prevent children from becoming distracted.
Large halls – Can be used as a partition wall or privacy screen for exams, assemblies, school productions.
Canteens – Foliascreen can be used to help direct people in the right direction, blocking off certain areas of the canteen that aren’t used.
Libraries – With the Foliascreens acoustic properties and full coverage, it is the perfect partitioning wall to study independently or as a group, but whilst being provided with a configurable study area and with privacy.

Bringing Outdoors In foliage screens for shopping malls

shopping malls
Use our versatile solutions to adapt your shopping malls space to suit the ever changing needs of your business and provide your customers with new environments. Our clients are driven by their passion to create uplifting environments that bring the great outdoor indoors, without putting any unnecessary maintenance on their plate. The applications of the product are limited only by your imagination.
There are many benefits to using the Foliascreen in your retail environment; each of those addressing a separate issue:

Flexible Use:

The Foliascreen comes in 2 sizes, standard size which is ideal for those who are seated and a full size which offers maximum coverage. offers a solution that can help break up the concourse; adding a new dimension to what could be an empty area.can also be used to help direct the pedestrian flow, so that the accessibility of stores is made easier and that the experience for the consumer is seamless.



The Foliascreen; is complimented with a Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panel, which is the market leading artificial living wall on the market. It is the most life-like panel on the market. The presence of foliage helps to calm customers, which can be very beneficial in a highly stressful environment caused by high footfall.


Safety Certified:

The Vistafolia Panels are UV Rated and Fire Retardant, which means that the panels do not aid in the spread of fire, making it a very safe product to have in a large space. The Foliascreen has also passed the tip test meaning that it is safe if passers-by accidentally knock into it.


Easily configurable:

The Foliascreen can be made into whatever configuration that accommodates your customer. It can be used to help shape a seating area for a food hall, to direct customers away from a retail store in construction or even be used to make a more seating area for those just wanting a sit down in the concourse.

Promoting Wellbeing foliage screens for airports

Going to the airport and catching a flight can be a very exciting prospect; but for many it is a stressful occasion. A large open environment; with large groups of people moving in all different directions, tannoy systems and more, it can sometimes be a very daunting place to be for some.


This ground-breaking green partition wall has a vast range of uses making its versatility unmatched. The Foliascreen can be utilised as a privacy screen which can be a rare commodity in a busy environment like the airport. This privacy screen comes in different heights, which are suitable for those standing and seated. This allows people to be afforded privacy within the main terminal or within airport lounges where people prefer their own space when taken sometime for themselves.



Large open plan airports can sometimes be very hard to navigate, but Foliascreen helps to direct people in the right direction or even to prevent them going in the wrong direction. Use the Foliascreen to either close off unused gates, to funnel people into the correct boarding gates but also to help keep the flow of foot traffic moving and to keep them safe.With the aesthetic of the artificial green wall panels on the partitioning wall that is the Foliascreen, you can break up the spaces to create areas specifically for individuals, families or even corporate staff.


Create Ambiance:

You don’t need any extra hassle when you’re flying. The Foliascreen creates a peaceful environment for the weary traveller. A room close to nature is guaranteed to put you at ease and calm your mind.  The presence of foliage in an urban and built up environment can be proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety. This can be a huge boost for passengers.

Outdoor spaces

outdoor space
The Foliascreen isn’t just limited to indoor use. We have created an external version of the product that is UV stable to protect against colour fading and waterproof to protect against the elements. There are so many possibilities regarding our innovative screens, whether used for privacy, aesthetics, functionality, or all 3. Give yourself that extra luxury, or enhance your brand by adding Foliascreen to your outdoor spaces.

Give Yourself Privacy and Feel at Ease

Sometimes, it's easy to feel exposed when you're outside. The Foliascreen provides the privacy you need to feel relaxed by the pool while offering an attractive backdrop.


Wine & Dine in Comfort

If you like al fresco dining, you don't enjoy being battered by the breeze. The strategic positioning of the Foliascreen can protect you from the elements, and the system's versatility means that you can adjust it to suit your needs and the weather. And because the external Foliascreen is covered with a waterproof fabric, you don't have to worry about getting it undercover and away from that passing shower.


Make Your Customers Feel Special

Your customers are essential to your business, restaurant, or hotel, so why wouldn't you want to treat them like royalty? Introducing Foliascreen into an outdoor space allows you to create private areas where people can enjoy 5-star luxury.


Introduce zero-maintenance greenery

Some environments don't lend themselves to plant life. There may be too much sunlight, or there may be a shortage of water. Artificial green walls have long been an option, but even they require a substrate to fix. Using the Foliascreen, you create an instant green wall with complete flexibility around location and options to customise the finish to suit your tastes without burdening yourself with ongoing maintenance.


Make Your Business Stand Out

Foliascreen is a truly unique product. Introducing it into your external spaces lets you grab people's attention and get them talking. By giving guests or customers somewhere to take that all-important selfie, you can raise awareness of your brand, all while increasing satisfaction.

frequently asked questions

With the Foliascreen®  you can reconfigure your space to suit your ever-changing needs and take them with you if you move office location.


The Foliascreen® is available in two sizes, standard and full height.Standard height screen (826x1238x500mm)
The standard height screen is perfect for creating privacy around desks, seating areas and smaller commercial or at home office spaces.Full height screen (826x2064x500mm)
The Full height option is designed for open plan spaces, where it can be used to create breakout areas, meeting rooms, and reconfigurable partition walls.

 The Foliascreen® is available to purchase in two heights, standard and full height.

The Foliascreen® is expertly upholstered using Camira Blazer Lite, a high quality, felted, milled 100% wool fabric. The standard colour is grey ‘Retreat’, however, if you’ve got a different colour in mind for your project, why not get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your options.

The Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panels can also be customised with the addition of colour and texture boxes. Add a splash of colour to your artificial living wall with Vistafolia® Colour Boxes. Whether you want fresh, delicate blossoms or vibrant, fiery red flora, you can easily get the look you desire. For more information, please contact our sales team on 02073 851 020.

 Our clients are driven by their passion to create uplifting environments that bring the great outdoor inside, without putting any unnecessary maintenance on their plate. The applications of the Foliascreen® are limited only by your imagination. The Foliascreen® is at home anywhere that you might want to utilise it, whether that be an office, restaurant, hotel, shopping malls, education facility, hospitals, event spaces or airports.

The Foliascreen® is effortless to construct and designed to last. Assembly starts with the internal frame and castors, then the foam panels simply slot over the frame with the fixings and Vistafolia® Artificial Green Wall panels to follow.

The Foliascreen® comes with instructions on how to assemble, with contact information for you to reach out should you become stuck. The installation video can be found here:

 The Foliascreen® is a revolutionary modular green wall partition which eliminates the need for outdated permanent walls and offers various biophilic design benefits for your space. Some of the benefits include:
  • Modern, biophilic design creating an enjoyable and productive environment.
  • Modular & reconfigurable with castors so you change the layout as you need.
  • Fully fire and UV certified for peace of mind.
  • Customisable height options, fabric, and foliage colours
  • Sound absorption qualities
  • Zero maintenance once installed.
  • Patent and design licence

Fire tested to BS 5852:2006 clause 12 ignition sources 0,1,5

Stability tested to BS EN 1023-2:2000 Office furniture screens: mechanical safety requirements.

Acoustic tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003 and achieved a co-efficient rating of 1, which equates to class A under ISO 11654.

The Foliascreen® gives you the freedom to configure your space in any way you wish. What’s more, with a few adjustments you can keep things fresh and mix it up as you need.You can create extended straight Lines, L DIVIDER, U Divider, T Divider, X Divider, MEETING ROOMS and Booths.

The Foliascreen® is versatile enough that it can be easily positioned to segregate spaces and create rooms within rooms, all while looking stunning and creating a relaxed atmosphere.



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