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Divide your public areas effectively, while retaining that element of style. Use our green wall privacy screen to create multiple booths for your customers to enjoy their food in privacy and comfort. The Foliascreen is versatile enough that it can be easily positioned to segregate spaces and create rooms within rooms, all while looking stunning and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Foliascreen’s are perfect for many environments; namely those with a lot of pedestrian footfall and hospitality.

Green Walls in Restaurants:

Creates a unique dining experience. Understanding that sometimes the weather outside can be unforgiving and unpleasant for those wanting to sit outside. Therefore, bringing the luscious green of the outside indoors, can act as a great alternative for 12 months a year. With the addition of the Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall Panels as well, it’s also very pleasing on the eye and gives your space a great design.

The Foliascreen also acts as a green wall privacy screen and partitioning wall. This means that for those special booked events that take place in the space, you can easily configure the wall to offer those at the event a unique and uninterrupted space and for those who are dining separately, they too can enjoy their dining experience with lack of disruption. It also allows for diners to sit and enjoy their meals with a little privacy. Thus, a green partition wall will be a very versatile and effective investment for your business.

Partition Screens in Bars:

Similar to the restaurants, Foliascreens can be used to help divide a room to cater for special events such as birthdays and work parties, but to also help shield regular customers so that they both can share a space equally. But, with the easy movement of the modular partitioning wall; it can help change the interior of a small bar instantly and be a cost-effective way of doing so. It can also be seen as a marketable opportunity as the Vistafolia artificial green wall is a beautiful looking panel that features on many design blogs due to its realistic looking foliage. Green wall partitions can also act as screens to distract away from some (Unsightful views) i.e. the restrooms.

Artificial Living Walls in Hotels:

Offer your guests that wow factor when they enter the lobby and let them leave with a lasting impression. The Foliascreen is versatile so that they can be configured into a partitioning wall that can help checking in be a bit more personal. They also act as a room divider that can help direct your guests to points of interests or for safety to prevent them from entering a certain area.

We also understand that lobbies can act as a focal point for any hotel or similar establishment and therefore; offering seating areas divided by green wall partitions will help create an environment that is calming for those waiting for friends or family.

Green Wall at Events:

Looking to capture and impress your audience as soon as they enter the event space? Foliascreen is the perfect solution as a backdrop for event registration, with its addition of Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels; that gives it an immersive colour and The Foliascreen being available in different sizes, helps you customize your event space the way you want. The Foliascreen can also be a cost effective and exciting alternative to configurable partitioning walls to help direct your audience to create optimal pedestrian flow within the exhibits and to differentiate between different stalls, making it clearer to your participants.



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