A successful launch of the Foliascreen at Clerkenwell Design Week 2022


A massive thank you to all who visited us this year at Clerkenwell Design Week 2022. We launched the Foliascreen for the first time on Tuesday 24th May whilst also showcasing our core product, the Vistafolia artificial wall panels. Over the 3 days, we spoke and shook hands with many. I think we can all agree that it was great to have the Clerkenwell Design Week back after so many years without the event.

The feedback and interest we had in the Foliascreen was incredible. So many interior designers and architects were looking for new ways to include biophilic design into their briefs, the Foliascreen showed them another route to tackle this issue. With the new way of working brought about through the pandemic, privacy screening and partitioning has become a new need for clients. Be that in the office, airports or even restaurants; the Foliascreen provides a new way of doing this.

The Foliascreen isn’t just an artificial privacy screen, it also provides acoustic qualities to the surrounding environment. This proved to be very popular at the event with a lot of people mentioning the importance of dampening echoes and sounds in workplaces.

In the coming months, we will be working to get the exact acoustic certifications so clients can be provided with these details. 3D models of the Foliascreen were also requested by several, these will be available in the coming weeks.

We also have a video and photoshoot lined up, so we will be able to provide clients with that extra level of marketing material needed to showcase the brilliance of the Foliascreen.

Sustainability was also a key topic during the event. The Vistafolia artificial wall panel is completely recyclable. We demonstrated examples of coffee coasters made from our artificial plants during the event, these proved very popular as it is good to see the proof of concept. We are working very hard to get an end-to-end sustainable product. We have a partnership with the University of Surrey where we plan to make our products with a biopolymer based plastic. Read more about this here: Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership Explained

We would like to thank again all who spoke with us at the event, if you have any further questions please get in touch: Info@foliascreen.com

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