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Yes, You are able to view the Foliascreen before you purchase it. The Foliascreen, is available to view currently at our headquarters (Vistafolia, Unit 6, Trade City, Lyon Way, Frimley, Camberley GU16 7AL). From here, you can see all the work that goes into the Foliascreen and how you can utilise it for so many different solutions i.e. Green partition wall for offices, privacy screens, crowd management. You can also see all the research and development that goes into both the Foliscreen and the Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panels that come attached to the green partition wall. Seeing the products first hand will help to show the dedication and design that is considered when developing these solutions. You can also meet our research team and they can talk about our mission on sustainability for the Vistafolia panels and what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint. Pop down today and speak to our sales team today on 0207 385 1020

Office screens are used for a whole host of reasons, but primarily to help divide a room in order to create space within spaces or to afford employees a little privacy when working. The foliascreen acts as an green office partition wall that helps tuen open plan workspaces into various spaces to accomodate for different activities and meetings. This means that employees can discuss different ideas in different meetings without sharing the same space. It also works as a way of offering employees a little bit of privacy so that they can be afforded their own space. It offers acoustic solutions which helps to reduce disruption and with its Vistafolia artificial green wall panels attached, it offers an aesthetic that studies has proved helps to reduce stress and anxiety, ulitmately leading to increase productivity.

Absolutely yes. You can customise the foliage within the Vistafolia artificial green wall panels that help to form the green side of the Foliascreen. The artificial green walls are exclusively from Vistafolia and they can be complimented with their colour and texture boxes, which offer unlimited amount of colour and texture combinations to help keep your green partition wall fresh and unique. They are also very easily attached the steel backing of the the panels and can be put anywhere you would like. Likewise, they are also very easy to remove and configure as you please. For more information, please contact our sales team on 02073 851 020.

The Foliascreen is available in 2 sizes. The Full size Foliascreen comes with 2 Vistafolia artificial green wall panels and the dimensions are as followed:

  •  H = 2075mm (81.69in)
  • L = 826mm (32.51in)
  • W = 500m (19.68in)


The Foliascreen is also available at a standard height featuring 1 Vistafolia artificial green wall panel and the dimensions are as followed:

  • H = 1249mm (49.17in)
  • L = 826mm (32.51in)
  • W = 500m (19.68in)

Yes, the Foliascreen comes in 2 sizes. This green partition wall comes in a full size; which features 2 Vistafolia artificial green wall panels. It is also available in a standard size which features 1 Vistafolia artificial green wall panel.

The Foliascreen is the new ground-breaking green partition wall solution that will revolutionise the new way of working. Foliascreen can be utilised with small and large businesses alike, offering a cost effective, aesthetic solution to open plan offices globally. This green wall partition screen is a very versatile green wall that can be used in almost every environment. With interest from corporate offices, airports, shopping malls, event space, restaurants, and hospitality; Foliascreen can be utilised wherever you believe it will fit. The Foliascreen can be used as, and not limited to:

Office Partition Wall

The Foliascreen can be used as a green partition wall that helps turn existing spaces or open plan environments into new spaces. Whether that’s in a school to help turn the space in a classroom into separate spaces to help encourage independent or group learning or allow them to undertake various activities at once. They can also be used in a office to help create break out rooms or meeting rooms. The appearance of the market leading artificial plant wall panels offers a calming influence to employees and students which studies have shown helps to increase productivity and reduce attention deficiency.

Privacy Screen

The Foliascreen has many uses, which is what makes it so versatile. Use the Foliascreen as a privacy screen in the workplace. Whether that’s for taking calls, large or small meetings in an open plan office or even for just to offer your own space when working at your desk. The Foliascreen comes in 2 sizes which works perfectly for full coverage when seated or stood up tall. Not only offices, but the privacy works perfectly in a library, another hotspot for those looking to work quietly and within their own space.

Crowd Management

The Foliascreen, with its geometric foam design and leading artificial green wall panels attached, can be a great solution to crowd management to keep order and improve the safety standards of busy environments. The Foliascreen can be used to help keep those queuing at airports safe by keeping order and offering direction. It can also be used as a great way to keep pedestrian flow safe within shopping malls.

Event Backdrops

The Foliascreen comes with casters or without and therefore can be a solid unit stood firmly. Therefore, these can be used as an event backdrop to really make an impression when participants enter the venue. It can also be used as a backdrop for receptions for hotels, offices & information desks to help really standout.

Customer Dividers

With social expectations of hygiene & social distancing sky high with the emergence of Covid-19, this green partition wall with its full coverage, helps to keep customer distanced from each other when shopping or in densely populated area such as a checkout or queue. The Foliascreen being available in 2 sizes means that it can be adjusted to a standard height or full height so that you still have full visibility of customers browsing your items whilst keeping them at a safe distance from one another.

Breakout rooms

As mentioned previously, Foliascreens can be used to create breakout rooms within office spaces. It encourages employees to move from their desks and be afforded a space in which they can relax without disturbance or disturbing other employees. With it’s aesthetically pleasing artificial green wall panels on one side, and the meticulously geometric designed foam on the other, it offers a very contemporary feel to an open plan office.

Seating areas

Foliascreen can help to distinguish seating areas from gangways. Whether these are in healthcare; giving waiting patients a place to sit without repetition of monotonous colour.

Office Partition Screens are a cost-effective solution to allow employees or students alike to be afforded the privacy they need to help concentrate. With the Foliascreen, that is no different and we’ve even taken it a step further. With the Vistafolia artificial green wall creates a worlds first green partition wall. Studies shown that the presence of green foliage in the workplace or classroom can help promote productivity by up to 20% and reduce attention deficiency.

These green partitions also act as a cost effective solution to creating spaces within existing spaces or dividing open plan offices to be used for different meetings or activities. It eliminates the need for construction costs and planning whilst also having the advantage of being versatile. With the addition of castors, they can be moved easily around the room as opposed to be fixed in one area.

Enquire today about the Foliascreen to revolutionise your workspace with your own green partition wall. Give us a call on 0202 385 1020

The Foliascreen can be used wherever you believe it can. It’s versatility means that it is at home in any environment, making it a worlds first. The Foliascreen can be a solution to many problems that need addressing, which include and not limited to:

• Privacy Screen
• Seating Areas
• Crowd Management
• Event Backdrops
• Office Green Partition Wall
• Customer Dividers
• Breakout Rooms
• Meeting Rooms

The list goes on. Interest for the Foliascreens originate from various industries. From hairdressers, cruise ships, global offices, restaurants, bars, events, airports and many more. Foliascreen belongs anywhere.

Enquire today to join the green partition wall revolution or give us a call if you have any questions on whether or not the Foliascreen will work for you.

The Foliascreen is such a versatile green partitioning screen but is very easy to assemble. The Foliascreen comes with instructions on how to assemble, with contact information for you to reach out should you become stuck. The instructions are detailed on how to put the 4 different configurations together (Standard Size A & B, Full Size A & B) and should help guide you from start to finish for a correct assemble.

Yes, The Foliascreen is very easy to move. This green privacy screen comes with castors which makes it very simple to move around to whatever configuration you believe is best for you. The Foliascreen can also be assembled & disassemble easily so in case you are moving it to relatively unaccessible parts of the building, it can accomodate for that.

The Foliascreen, with its versatility comes with many benefits. From psychological, aesthetics and practical benefits, this green partition wall really does come with a lot of benefits.

The Foliascreen can be utilised to be a solution in many different environments and the benefits of this partition wall are featured below but not limited to:

  • Aesthetics: Studies have shown that the presence of foliage/greenery in a working environment has seen productivity increase by 20% and the reduction in attention deficiency; which means people are working for longer and more productively too.
  • Acoustic Solutions: The meticulous geometric designed foam offers an level of acoustic absorption that helps reduce noise output, making it ideal for meetings and calls in compact open plan offices.
  • Available in 2 sizes. Usually partition walls come in 1 size fits all; but not with Foliascreen. The ground-breaking green partition wall comes in 2 available sizes; standard height and full height. Both with their perks. Standard height provides full coverage for those when seated or at a lower height whereas full size offers ample coverage for those standing. 
  • Cost Effective. The Foliascreen still remains as a cost effective solution to creating partition walls within an office or open plan space. The Foliascreen requires no construction or design fees and is quick to assemble. Simply build and go!
  • Reconfigurable: The Foliascreens can be easily moved to form the configuration of your choice , whether to create a single line green partition wall or creating a oval shaped meeting room; it’s up to your imagination.
  • Mental health: Similar to the presence of greenery in offices and classroom helping to boost productivity, it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety with its calming appearance thus helping to reduce labour turnover in the long run. 
  • New way of working: Join the green partition wall revolution. With social expectations increasing, the emergence of remote working and employees now having more choice of employment than anytime in history, recruiting and retaining staff is as important as ever. Say goodbye to the monotonous coloured open plan office and say hello to Foliascreen.
  • Privacy: The Foliascreen is completely opaque and offers an acoustic absorbing foam that helps to improve privacy for the user.
  • Biophilic Design: The design of the Foliascreen isn’t random, but built with years of engineering and product design to make sure it is the most versatile partition wall on the market, offering a geometric, sound absorbing foam and compatible with Vistafolia’s market leading, ultra life like artificial green wall panels.
  • Customisable: The Foliascreen comes with artificial green wall panels that can be customised with colour & texture boxes exclusive to Vistafolia that can help keep the wall looking fresh and offer your own spin onto the wall.

A privacy screen, which can be referred to as a partition wall, is used in order to create a disturbance free space within an environment that is often busy or very little privacy. You might yourself situated in these environments in shopping malls, open plan offices, airport terminals, libraries etc. Therefore, privacy screens are a cost effective solution to allowing people to work, relax and play in their own space. The Foliascreen gives you just that with extra flair as a green partition wall; offering practical benefits as well as psychological too. Available in 2 sizes, the Foliascreen comes in a standard height which is perfect for areas with seating and also full coverage with is great for crowd management or areas where standing is preferential. With its sumptuous geometric designed foam, it also offers acoustic qualities which helps to improve sound absorption, allowing for a reduction in disturbance. Enquire about the Foliascreen and speak to our excellent sales team today.

The Foliascreen can honestly be used in any indoor environment you can think of. In the home, the Foliascreen can be a cost effective solution to creating new spaces within existing spaces. This green partition wall could be used to separate the dining room from the lounge or the kitchen to help dinner with friends feel a little more personal. With the addition of Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels, it will also look fantastic in the home; requiring little to no maintenance.

Yes, Vistafolia Colour & Texture boxes can be purchased in conjunction with the Foliascreen. The Foliascreen comes with 2 Vistafolia artificial green wall panels on the full size edition, with 1 on the standard size. These panels are the market leaders for their UV rating and fire retardancy. They are the closest looking to real life fauna on the market as well. In addition, colour & texture boxes can be purchased to help the Foliascreen become even more customisable; giving the foliage a new interchangeable dimension. They can be removed and added seamlessly and comes in 8 different varieties. With so many ways to mix and match the colours and textures, you have an unlimited amount of combinations to choose from which include:

  • Delicate White Colour Box
  • Forest Flame Colour Box
  • Soft Lavender Colour Box
  • Spring Pink Colour Box
  • Large Grass Texture Box
  • Lush Green Texture Box
  • Trailing Buxus Texture Box
  • Trailing Ivy Texture Box

The artificial green wall panels are currently made from a polyethelene that is UV rated and fire retardant. The only panel on that market that has both these certifications. However, Vistafolia are currently working alongside the UK Government, Professors of Research and the Univerity of Surrey to create a new bio-polymer that will make the foliage on the panel far more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions.

Yes, the Foliascreen is a very safe product from the design of the screen itself to the use of the artificial green panel within it. The artificial green wall panels that are featured on this green partition wall are actually the safest on the market. They are the only panels on the market that are UV rated and fire retardant which means that it will not aid the spread of fire. The Foliascreen is also strong in place and therefore should not fall over easily. For any more information on the safety aspects of the Foliascreen, please contact our fantastic sales team and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yes, the Foliascreen is fire retardant. This means that should fire break out, this green partition wall will not aid the spread of fire. Both the meticulously designed geometric foam and the artificial green wall panel are fire retardant. Please note that the Vistafolia artificial green wall panels that make up the green partition wall are the only panels on the market that are both UV rated and fire retardant. 

The full-size Foliascreen is as followed:

H = 2075mm (81.69in)
L = 826mm (32.51in)
W = 500m (19.68in)

The standard Foliascreen is as followed:

H = 1249mm (49.17in)
L = 826mm (32.51in)
W = 500m (19.68in)

A green partition wall is a new ground-breaking new solution presented by Foliascreen. It combines the practical capabilities of existing partition walls and adds flair, psychological benefits, versatility and flexibility to the mix. The Foliascreen comes attached with market leading Vistafolia artificial green wall panels that offer aesthetically please interior to a monotonous working environment whilst providing psychological benefits with studies proving the presence of green foliage helps to promote productivity by up to 20%, reduce attention deficiency and to help reduce stress and anxiety within the company it entertains. The geometric designed foam that makes the bulk of the screen offers a contemporary design that compliments the environment it is placed in but also offers full coverage (in both it’s available sizes, standard and full) whilst absorbing sound with it’s sound absorption qualities. This green partition wall can be used in any environment from airports, offices, educational facilities, hospitality and more. Click here to find out more on the Foliascreen and how it can help you. Alternately, give us a call on 0207 385 1020


We accept al major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and we also accept bank transfer. Please call our fantastic sales team on 0207 385 1020 if you have any questions about payment and they will be more than happy to help.

Please give us a call on 0207 385 1020 to talk about pricing to our fantastic sales team and they will talk about bespoke pricing with you.


Yes, due to the size of the Foliascreen and the different components; the Foliascreen will have to be assembled on site. However, our Marketing, Technical and Design team have all come together to create an assembly/instruction manual that is very straightforward to follow, with a step by step guide on how to put the green partition wall together. If you are struggling to assemble it, give us a call or email us and we are more than happy to help.

Yes, the Foliscreen comes with instructions that helps you to identify the assembly of each Foliascreens (1 or 2) easily with a step by step guide. For any help, please call our technical team on 0207 385 1020 and they would be more than happy to hel p with the set up of your foliascreens. Please note that Foliascreens come as 1 & 2, so please do follow the instructions carefully on each assembly.


The cost of delivery is dependent on a lot of variables including but not limited to the size of the order (whether or not you have also added Colour & Texture boxes) and the destination of the order.

The duration of the delivery times rest on a lot of variables including but not limited to, the size of the order (whether or not you have also added Colour & Texture boxes) and the destination of the order.

Yes, Foliascreen can be shipped outside of the UK to anywhere in the world. Please note that delivering outside will increase the delivery times. However, for any concerns that you may have regarding delivery cost and duration, please do get in touch with our team on 0207 385 1020 and they can offer you a more detailed account on delivery times and costs.

Yes, Foliascreen can be shipped outside of the USA to anywhere in the world. Please note that delivering outside will increase the delivery times. However, for any concerns that you may have regarding delivery cost and duration, please do get in touch with our team on and they can offer you a more detailed account on delivery times and costs.


We can only offer installation for selected orders which are all dependent on size and location of order. In order to see if you qualify for installation; please call us on 0207 385 1020 or drop us an email at



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