The perfect solution for screening and dividing spaces.

The Foliascreen is versatile enough that it can be easily positioned to segregate spaces and create rooms within rooms, all while looking stunning and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The modules can be configured to suit virtually any application. They can be utilised as stand-alone modules, or combined to give a bold, visually appealing finish to your space. The simple, slot-together install also means that you can add additional modules at a later date if you wish.


Create the configuration to suit your business needs.

Stunning Artificial Plant Privacy Screens

Standard Height Partition Wall

Standard Height


Full Height

Double Full Size Privacy Screen Vistafolia Front

2x Full Height

Modular Partitioning Screen Connected

3x Full Height

Sitting Height Partitioning Screen

2x Standard Height

U Shaped Partitioning Wall Configuration

U Divider

Back & Front of Privacy Screens

45º Divider

Configured Shaped Modular Partitioning Wall

90º Divider


The system is effortless to construct and is designed to last. The base plate holds the unit securely in place, and is also available with castors for easy reconfiguration.

The Foliascreen is completely versatile and gives you the freedom to configure your space in any way you wish. What’s more, with a few adjustments you can keep things fresh and mix it up as you need.



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Open Plan & Segregated Work Space Partitioning Wall


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