fire certification

Vistafolia Colour & Texture Box Selection

Foliascreen® takes fire safety very seriously, which is why we manufacture and specify exactly which classification our products must meet when manufactured in our factory. We independently test our products in accordance with BS EN 13501:1 Classification of building products and building elements for fire safety. Part 1: Classification using reaction to fire test data. This standard defines the type of tests and how they are obtained. These tests are carried out in internationally recognized and certified testing laboratories. Fire response tests are designed to measure the contribution of a material or product to the onset of a fire in the early stages.

acoustic testing

Office Meeting Room Privacy Screen

The Foliascreen wall is expertly designed with acoustic foam. With its noise reduction qualities, along with the texture of the Vistafolia panels, the Foliascreen helps dampen down sounds and echoes. Providing the privacy that is sometimes needed in open environments. The Foliascreen is currently undergoing vigorous tests which will measure the exact number of decibels that are reduced.

Stability testing

Office furniture Safety Certification BS EN 1O23-2: 2000

This certification requires that the screen must be made in such a way as to reduce any potential danger of user injury. During intended use, all screen components that the user comes into contact with must be constructed to prevent property damage and bodily harm.


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