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The changing nature of the workplace means we need to be more flexible in how we work. By adding the Foliascreen® to a room, you can use the space to expand your creativity, and the benefits cannot be overstated. Our system gives people the freedom to adapt to the next challenge.

Foliascreen® is not only a cheaper, dynamic, maintenance-free alternative to true green walls (though it is designed to solve the problem of landscape spaces where real plants cannot grow. Our success depends on innovation, which means continually improving designs and product durability, anticipating new demands on natural landscape environments, and creating better, seamless interactions between our green walls and our customers.

Say goodbye to traditional office screens and be part of the global green wall revolution. Foliascreen feels at home in any room and can be tailored to your individual needs. The benefits of Foliascreen are varied and far-reaching. From improved appearance to a better overall working environment, our customers are already reaping the benefits of using our products.

Research has shown that a visually appealing workplace can boost productivity and staff morale, and nothing can add more sophisticated style to your Foliascreen office. Having plants in your office has been linked in studies to a wide range of attributes, from a potential 20% increase in memory retention to a reduced chance of stress-related depression. Hospitals have also demonstrated that realistic decorative foliage can reduce patient recovery times.

The incredible benefits of plants cannot be underestimated, and more and more companies are beginning to reap the benefits of these benefits by greening their surroundings.

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